Create Quick RFQ – Line Items

There are 4 short steps in creating a Quick RFQ event. The second step is to create the Line Items page.

To continue to the Line items step, complete all required fields during the “General Information” step and click the Next button.  With this action, a Quick RFQ is created in the Setup status, and the system assigns a unique id number to each event.

In the Line Items page, the line item design based on the selection on the “Template” field of the “General Information” page is automatically created.

To insert a line into the existing line item structure, use “Select Product”, “Add Product” or “Line Item Import” buttons.

The "Select Product" button enables to choose from the company's product list, the "Add Product" button allows to create a product from scratch, and the "Line Item Import" button provides to import from an excel file.

The “Select Product” button shows the list of the product list that is prepared before and defined for your company. You can search by Product No, Title, or Short Description via search box or you can list the products related to the category of your company under the Purchasing Category field.

To add the product to the event, select the product and update the amount. When you click the “Save” button, the line item will be added to the event.

To continue with the selection without closing the product list page, you can click the “Save and New” button.

To exit without saving the changes click the “Cancel” button.

When you click the "Add Product" button, a draft row is generated to create a line from scratch

All default fields are required to be entered in the relevant line. Click the Save icon under the action column to save the line. The delete icon is used to delete the line.

Let’s create a line item as an example:

Line Item No: Allows to enter a maximum of 25 characters including letters or numbers.

Item Description: Allows to enter a maximum of 100 characters including letters or numbers.

Quantity field is for numbers only. For measurement quantities such as liters and kilograms, a 2-digit decimal input can be made. Decimal digits, on the other hand, cannot be input for units, vehicles, and so on. Integers are the only values that may be input.

To set the Purchasing Category field, click the Plus button, then select the related category from the company category tree and click the OK button.

The entry must be completed if the selected template contains more buyer input fields.

All created products can be changed, copied or deleted during the setup status.

To make changes with a line item, click on the “Edit” icon under the actions title. After you've made all of your changes, make sure to click the Save icon. Only the amount field for the products selected from the product list can be updated.

To copy a line, click on the “Copy” icon under the actions title and update the desired fields.

To delete a line,  click on the “Delete” icon under the actions title.

To delete all line items at once, click on the “Delete All” button.

To return to the previous step, click the previous button. To switch between completed steps, click the title of the relevant step on the "Steps Line."

To continue with the setup, click the Next button.