Create Quick RFQ – General Information

There are 4 short steps in creating a Quick RFQ event. The first step is to create the General Information page.

When you click on Create Quick RFQ under the Quick RFQ main title, 4 setup steps are shown on the following page.  All necessary steps should be completed one by one for the event setup.

The required fields under the General Information” are marked with red asterisk. All of the required fields should be filled to go into the next step.

Title: This is the title of the quotation subject. The defined title is used in the list pages and e-mail announcements in the relevant fields.

Company:  companies that are defined by the user taking the transaction are listed in the relevant field. If the user is authorized for only 1 company, only details of this company are shown and this company is selected by default.

Authorized Person: The information of the user performing the transaction is automatically assigned to the relevant field. Users associated with the company are listed and authorized person changes can be made.

Organization Unit:  The organizational unit of the company to which the authorized user  is associated is automatically assigned.

Internal Notes: Where information is entered to be shared with the users of the company. This note cannot be seen by any participant.

Note to Participant: Where information is entered to be shared with the participants. This note can be seen by all participants.

Bid Direction: This field enables to select the direction of the quotation. For Purchasing Events select “Reverse” and for Sale Events select “Forward”.

Template: Created templates which are on the Quick RFQ Templates List are shown here. The Standard Template is shown as default. Only templates with Enable status can be selected from the related field. Selection from the related field will be shown at the “Line Items” step.

End Date: where the date and time for the end of the event are entered You can manually enter the relevant information or choose using the calendar icon.

Sealed Bid: This is the type of the RFQ that information entered by the participants are hidden until the Sealed Bid Opening Date.

When this field is active, you must enter the “Sealed Bid Opening Date”.

Also when it is active; quotations, other information and documents cannot be accessed by the Buyer Company users neither Promena users until the specified date.

Document Upload Requirement: When it is active, participants cannot send their bids without uploading a document.

It should be activated when documents requested from participants affect the quotation input. The authorized person for the Event is responsible for controlling the content of the documents.

To continue to the Line items step, click the Next button. With this action, a Quick RFQ is created in the Setup status, and the system assigns a unique id number to each event.

To return to the previous step, click the previous button. To switch between completed steps, click the title of the relevant step on the "Steps Line."

When an event is created and id number is assigned, it can be displayed in the Quick RFQ List.