(Buyer) Contact - E-Auction

Contact feature can be used by accessing the details of an e-auction. Contact icon could be displayed in General Information, Documents or Bidding Screen menus in event details.

Inbox icon is located at the top right corner in related pages. There will be two different options as “Inbox” or “Send Message” buttons.

To send a message, click the “Send Message” button and fill the mandatory areas that are marked with a red asterisk then click the “Submit”. To close the pop-up and go back to the details of the e-auction, click “Cancel” button.

To: Displays the user who will receive the message. Every user added here will only receive one mail without even knowing who else it was sent to.

Only users in the system can be added as receivers and 200 users can be added at most to a single message.

Many users can be added from Company, Participant or Participant Groups. Participant Groups option is comprised of All, Bidder Participants, Non-Bidder Participants, Participants That Have Not  Accessed to the Event, Participants That Marked As ‘I Will Attend’ and only one of these options can be chosen.

All users added will be displayed one by one in “To” row of the screen. To remove a user from “To” list, click the cross button located in blue box for each user.

Subject: The subject of the message. The ID number of the e-auction will be automatically added and will not be removed. Allows users to enter 100 characters at most.

Message: The box where message content is entered. There are no character limit to enter.

Users can change the way that the text that will be displayed such as adding bold characters, etc. by using the bar above the message box.

Documents: To add a document in the message, click the Add button. A warning at top right-corner of the screen will appear if any unsupported file formats tried to be uploaded. Files up to 100 MB are allowed to be uploaded.

The document added will be displayed with its entire name and format information. To delete a document added to the message when sending, click the cross icon in red color.

After clicking the “Submit” button to send a message, “Request completed successfully” warning will appear.

A warning for new messages will appear at the right top corner of the screen in a case where a user has accessed the Management page in an e-auction details. Click the message box icon where the warning indicates to display the message.

The messages related to e-auctions can be displayed by clicking the “Inbox” menu in the details of an e-auction.

The Inbox menu here has the exact same features with normal Inbox but however, when the Inbox page is accessed through the event details, only the e-auction related messages will be listed.