The CAPA List is the page where the created CAPAs are tracked and is displayed within the authorization. On the CAPA List page, users can list the created CAPAs.

In order to access the CAPA List menu, under the Supplier Management title on the left side of the screen, the CAPA List title in the Action Management menu must be clicked.

In the next page, you can access detailed information about the created CAPAs and track the existing CAPAs.

By clicking the arrow icon on the right part of the filter line, detailed filtering can be done in order to reach the desired CAPAs.

Details such as ID number, title, supplier or date information of the CAPAs to be viewed are entered and the relevant CAPAs can be accessed by clicking the Search button.

In order to send the CAPAs in setup status to the supplier, they can be sent by clicking the Submit button on the relevant line under the Action column, and the status information of the relevant CAPA is updated as Sent.

The CAPAs sent can be canceled if needed by clicking the Cancel icon below the Action column.

When a submitted CAPA is accepted by the supplier, the CAPA status gets updated to Sent to Supplier.

If the relevant supplier for a CAPA has taken the necessary actions and sent it to the control of the buyer company, the CAPA status is updated as Pending Control. Close and Send Back Icon can be displayed in the transaction column of the CAPA status is Pending Control.

It is used for CAPAs whose close operation is completed. Details can be viewed and documents can be added without performing a close operation.

During the closing process, the Success Status and Explanation of the CAPA are entered. After the Success Status is selected as Successful or Unsuccessful, an explanation is added and the “Yes” button is clicked. CAPAs whose processes are completed go into Closed state.

CAPAs controlled by the buyer company user can be sent back to the supplier by clicking the Send Back icon under the action column. A description must also be entered when sending back. Status information for sent CAPA is updated to Sent.

CAPAs submitted as requests are displayed on the CAPA Demand Management page. You can click the link below for detailed information.