Create a Dutch E-Auction - Line Items (Step 3)

An e-Auction event is created within five simple steps. Completing the Line Items part is the third step of the entire process.

In order to proceed to the Line Items step, the mandatory fields in Event Settings page must be filled and the Next button must be clicked.

To add a line item in an e-Auction, click either one of the Select Product or Add Product buttons. Select Product button is used to select products from your own product list stored in Promena, and the Add Product button is used to enter a product from scratch.

After clicking Select Product button, a pop-up listing all the products in the system will appear. You can search by product number, title or short description from the search box or you can list the products related to their registered purchasing categories.

· To add a product to the event, you need to select a product by clicking the box and enter required amount to the quantity field. Click the Save button to add the products to the event.

· You can click the Save and New button to continue adding products without closing the product listing pop-up.

· You can click the Cancel button to exit without saving the changes made.

After clicking Add Product button, a line will appear for you to enter the item details.

All standard fields are required to be filled in the relevant line. Click the Save icon under the Action column to save the created line item. To delete an item, click the trash can icon.

Item No: Used to enter the item number up to 25 characters.

Item Description: Used to enter a detailed item description up to 100 characters.

Quantity: Used to add the quantity of an item. Decimals up to two digit can be entered for unit of measurements such as liter, kg, etc. However, decimal digits cannot be entered in units of measurement, such as units, vehicles, etc.

Purchasing Category: Used to choose the purchasing category for the item. Click the plus icon to list the category tree.

Choose any of the categories listed in the pop-up and click Ok button to save.

All created products can be modified, copied or deleted during the Setup status. To make changes on a created item, click the “Edit” icon below the Action column.

After making changes click the “Save” icon. Only the quantity field can be revised for the items selected through the product list.

For copying, click the "Copy " icon below the Action column, revise the fields and click the Save icon.

To delete an item, click the “Delete” icon below the Action column. To delete all the items at once, click the Delete All button.