(Buyer) Create Quick RFQ - Participant View

The Participant Preview feature is provided for Buyer users to experience the supplier through a Quick RFQ events.

The Participant Preview button is located in the upper right corner of the relevant pages of any Quick RFQ events that has an id number.‌

You may also visit the relevant page from the shortcut by clicking the Participant Preview icon in the "Action" column of the Quick RFQ list.‌

The participant Preview page is automatically updated in based on changes made in the Quick RFQ setup status. On the relevant tab, you can review your event from the participant's perspective and enter an offer.

Entries or edits in this area have no effect on your actual event and are not recorded.

Buttons such as Logs, Add Document and Template download / upload are not active on the participant Preview page. However, the participant official change and offer entry fields are active.

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