(Buyer) Create Quick RFQ - Summary Page

To continue to the Summary page, complete all desired fields during the “Documents” step andclick the End button.‌

The Summary page is designed to make final checks before publishing a Quick RFQ event. At this stage, you can view all the details created in the Quick RFQ setup steps on the “Summary” page as a single page.

There are 3 shortcut buttons on the upper right area of the page. By using these 3 shortcuts, you can access to the Participant Preview, Logs, and Print pages.

If there is an information or setting that needs to be changed before publishing the event, you can quickly access the relevant page in the new tab by clicking the icon at the right end part of the title of the related step.

To publish the event click the “Submit” button which is at the bottom of the page after you complete the checking process.‌

Start Date of the Event is recorded as the exact publish date of the event and the status of the event is updated as “Online Bidding”.

Published events can be tracked via the Quick RFQ List.

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