Creating a PO by using REQ

To view REQs in Sent to Procurement status that were completed their initial approval stages, click the REQ Management menu below REQs title on the left-hand side of the screen.

In REQ Management menu, the REQs that are in Sent to Procurement status will be listed. By default, the page will only display the REQs that were not used in any PO or Quick RFQ.

The REQs that were used to create a Quick RFQ or PO will be counted as Processed. Cancelled REQs will be listed as Canceled status.

REQs can be filtered through their ID number, status, purchasing categories or the date REQs were created. Filtre function can be accessed by clicking the arrow icon located at the right-hand side where the row is. After filling necessary areas, clicking Search button will bring the results accordingly.

To create a purchase order by using REQ, click the box in related row of a REQ item and click Create PO.

In the pop-up screen;

· Title:The area where the REQ’s title automatically displayed. The title can be changed after creating the PO, from the General Information page. In a case there are multiple different REQs tried to be converted into a PO, the title area will allow changes in pop-up screen.

· Supplier:The area where the supplier of the PO is being selected. If there is a product in the REQ that possesses a price and a supplier in the system, the field will be automatically filled.

· Currency:The area where the currency of the REQ is being automatically displayed if there is a currency added in item details. For those items which does not possess any price or currency information you can choose any currency in the details of the PO.

· Authorized Person: The area where the user who is creating the PO is being displayed.

Note: To change the responsible in charge of the PO, please choose a user from Authorized Person area in General Information in the details of the PO and click Save.

· Internal Notes: The area where notes can be added for only buyer users to view. (Not mandatory to fill.)

· Note to Supplier: The area where notes can be added for supplier users to view. (Not mandatory to fill.)

Clicking Save button will create the PO in Setup status.

After clicking Save button, the pop-up will display a link for you to directly open the details of the PO created. Accessing the PO through PO List is also possible.

In the details of a PO, the four detailed menu could be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.

· InGeneral Information tab, the details of the PO could be viewed and changed while the it is in Setup status.

· To add a document to the PO, click the Documents tab and click Add button to choose a document in your computer.

The name of the file, the person who added it and when, could be displayed. To delete the document, click the trash can icon, to download the document, click the download button. To decide whether a document could be viewed by a supplier or not, please turn on or off the switch below Supplier Access column. If active, the supplier will be able to view and download the document, if passive only buyer users will be able to view and download the document.

The items of the PO are listed in Line Items tab. To change the quantity, bill to address or payment term, click the pen icon below action column.

· To view the actions taken related to the PO such as approvals or rejections, clikc the Purchase Order Log tab. The dates of the actions can be also viewed here.

· To view the details of the PO, click the Summary menu. After confirming every information listed there, click the Submit button located at the bottom right-corner of the screen to send the PO for necessary approval stages automatically.

Note: The POs in Setup status could be only displayed and accessed by the user who was created it. To send the PO for approval please make sure to click Submit button in Summary page.