Dutch E-Auction - Awarding

Awarding is a feature used when you want to announce or record the winners of the e-Auction event.

Awarding can only be done in e-Auction events that have been closed. Click the items of the related participant rows in All Bids table below Bid Analysis and click Award button.

In the pop-up that will appear;

Awarding Note: Internal notes can be added to this field. This notes can only be displayed by the buyer users.

Awarded Participant Note: Notes to inform the winner can be added to this field. If there is no need to send a note to the awarded participant, turn off the switch. (Not mandatory).

Participation Note: Notes to the other participants who were not chosen as the winner can be added to this field. If there is no need to send a note to the other participants, turn off the switch. (Not mandatory).

Note: Awarded Note and Participation Notes are field that are not mandatory to activate. If you do not want to send any notes, you can turn off the feature from the switchs.

Click the Save button to complete the awarding process. The awarding process automatically creates an Awarding Document.

To cancel an Awarding Document, click the Cancel button located at the upper-right corner of the awarding document’s details.

In pop-up that appears, you can add a description to let the winner know about and click Yes to confirm.

All award documents can be accessed from the Award Documents menu under the e-Sourcing title on the left side of the screen.

Click the arrow icon located at the right-corner of the row where Filter is, to access the filter details. You can filter based on the awarding document’s ID number, title or date.

You can access the details of an awarding document by clicking the file icon below the Action column.

You can cancel the result document by clicking the Cancel icon.

You can add a description for the reason of cancellation. A mail will be sent to the participants, who were chosen as the winners.

By clicking on the ID number in the Reference row, you can access the details of the Quick RFQ or e-Auction event.

An approval work flow according to the buyer’s needs can be set.