E-Auction - Logs

Logs page is where every action is being recorded related to an e-Auction event. To access Logs page, click the Logs button located at the top-right corner in the Summary page.

In Logs page, you can view the details of the actions taken both by the buyer and participants users sorted.

· Log Type: Displays the type of the action taken.

· Action: Displays the detail of an action.

· Company Type: Displays the user type as either for buyer or participant.

· Company Name: Displays the participant/buyer registered name information in Promena.

· User: Displays the user’s name and surname with the browser that the action has been taken.

· Transaction Date: Displays the time and date when the action has been taken.

In the upper right part of the page, you can view the search field and other shortcut icons.

Show / Hide: Used to temporarily hide certain columns that are not wanted to be displayed.

Export: Used to export the list to Excel.

Print: Used to print the page with the current view.

By clicking the arrow sign on the right part of the filter line, you can provide filters based on log types and company titles on the page.

Please refer the link below for further information on Summary page.

E-Auction - Summary
E-Auction - SummaryThe Summary page is where the general frame is being displayed to both participant and buyer users. In order to move to the Summary page during the e-Auction setup phase, the Documents step must be completed and the End button must be clicked. Another way to access the

Please refer the link below for further information on Management page.

E-Auction - Management
E-Auction - ManagementThe Management page is where an e-Auction event is followed and managed. In order to access the management page, the Management button in the upper-right corner on the Summary page can be clicked. In addition, you can access the Management page by clicking the Management icon i…