English E-Auction - Management

The Management page is the page where an e-Auction event is followed and managed. In order to access the management page, the Management button in the upper-right corner on the Summary page can be clicked.

In addition, you can access the Management page by clicking the Management icon in the e-Auction List menu.

The Management page is where the e-Auction is followed and the analysis of the bids can be made.

Bidding Trend

Bidding Trend is where the detailed information about the items in the e-Auction can be seen. In order to display Bidding Trend accordingly, choose an item by using the Item dropdown list located at the top-right corner of the page.

Best Bid: Displays the best bid given to the item.

Best Participant: Displays the participant that has the best bid for the selected item.

Bid Change: Displays the change between the first bid and the last bid of the participant that gave the best bid for the selected item, in percentage and amount.

Number of Bids: Displays the number of bids for the selected item.

Participation / Invitation: Displays the number of participants invited and the bids submitted for the item.

The Best Bid chart displays the changes in the best bid during the e-Auction for the item selected from the Item dropdown list.

The All Bids chart displays the bid changes of all the participants that have submitted their bids to the selected item from the Item dropdown list. Each participant will be displayed in a different color.

Event Settings can be adjusted during the auction. By clicking the Wheel icon located on the right-hand side of the screen in the Management page, you can change the settings

All changes made in the relevant field will be announced in the Announcements section and displayed for both buyer users and participant users.

Changes on the competition information display, which you can choose strategically during the e-Auction can be made through the pop-up by clicking on the Wheel icon.

Leadership, Ranking, Best Bid and Distance to Next Competitor Ahead competition information can be shared and made visible to the participants during the bidding period.

Bidding settings such as Equal Bid, Passing Best Bid Condition, Min/Max Change Type can be activated and changes can be made during the auction.

The duration of the e-Auction can also be extended while the e-Auction is in the Bidding status.

Automatic Extension: Automatic Extension setting that can be set at the beginning of the auction setup process can be turned off or the Automatic Extension Time can be updated in minutes. The entered minute information will allow participants and buyers to extend the auction within the last given extension time. If no bid is received from the participants, the automatic extension function will not be activated. In this case to extend the time, you need to click the Extend button with your user to extend the event.

Extend: Events can be extended in case of problems or for strategic purposes. You can add a description if you wish.

Stop: Events can be stopped if a problem occurs or if you need to delete a participant’s last bid. You can add a description for your participants to display in their Announcements area if you wish.

End: It is a function that is only visible when the auction is stopped. Finish function allows you to end the e-Auction before its decided closure time. To finish the e-auction, it should be sent to the supplier participants with the explanation text.

Save: If a change made, you need to click the Save button to save.

Bid Analysis

Below Bid analysis, the table lists all the bids submitted by the participants, both on an item and participant basis.

Best Bid: In this table only the best bids for all items will be displayed with the participant information.

The best bid change for each item can be viewed in detail by clicking file icon.

All Bids: In this table, all bids for all listed items are displayed. The participant with best bids will be displayed with the color green.

If you click the file icon located on each row below Participant column, a pop-up will appear that will display the participant's previous offers.

In the pop-up, the bid of the selected participant for the relevant item, its equivalent in event currency and the date of the bid can be displayed.

Participant Information

In this table, participant related information will be listed such as participation status, if used, acceptance status of the terms and conditions, last bid, etc.

Participant: Used to list the company names of the participants. Click the user icon to get inform about which pages are participants waiting on at that moment such as;

In Auction Details for the General Information and Documents pages,

In Bidding Screen for Bidding page,

and Offline for those who have not accessed details of the e-Auction.

Authorized Person: Displays the selected authorized user of the participant invited to the e-Auction.

Phone & Mobile: Displays the phone numbers of the authorized person registered in the system.

Last Access: Refers to the last date and time when the participant user has accessed the e-Auction.

Last Bid: Displays the date and time of the last bid given by the participant in the e-Auction.

Participation Status: Displays the participation status information of the participant that they select in their General Information page.

Terms and Conditions: If used, displays if the participants have accepted the terms or conditions or not.

Documents: Displays how many documents that participants have uploaded.

Please refer the link below for further information on Deleting a Bid.

E-Auction – Deleting a Bid
E-Auction – Deleting a BidIn a case where the last bid of a participant needs to be deleted during a live e-Auction event, click the Wheel icon on the right-hand side of the screen in Management page. Click the Stop button located at the bottom of the pop-up that will appear

Please refer the link below for further information on Summary page.

E-Auction - Summary
E-Auction - SummaryThe Summary page is where the general frame is being displayed to both participant and buyer users. In order to move to the Summary page during the e-Auction setup phase, the Documents step must be completed and the End button must be clicked. Another way to access the

Please refer the link below for further information on Logs page.

E-Auction - Logs
E-Auction - LogsLogs page is where every action is being recorded related to an e-Auction event. To access Logs page, click the Logs button located at the top-right corner in the Summary page. In Logs page, you can view the details of the actions taken both by the buyer and