Evaluation Form List

To create an Evaluation Form or to view the existing Evaluation Forms, the Evaluation Form List button in the Performance Management menu under the Supplier Management heading on the left side of the screen must be clicked.

In the opened page, detailed filtering can be done in order to reach the desired evaluation lists by clicking the arrow icon on the right part of the Filter line.

The relevant forms can be accessed by entering details such as the evaluation form title, period, status, template, purchasing category or date of the form templates to be viewed and clicking the Search button.

To create a new evaluation form, the Add button at the top right of the screen must be clicked.

It is mandatory to fill in the fields indicated with a red asterisk on the page that opens.

After filling the relevant fields, the Save button should be pressed.

• Name: This is the field where the name of the evaluation form will be entered.

• Evaluation Period: It is the field to choose from among the periods specified in the TPYS settings defined under the recipient.

• Purchasing Category: It is the area where the categories that the suppliers will be evaluated are selected.

• Template: This is the area where the template for the evaluation form is selected. Only templates that are Enabled on the Evaluation Form Templates page are listed in this field.

• Start Date: This is the field where the evaluation will start.

• End Date: This is the area where the evaluation will end.

• Weight: This is the field where the weight information that the form will have is entered.

• Description: This is the field where the explanation about the evaluation form will be written.

In order to add a supplier and an evaluator to the evaluation form, click on the Detail icon on the relevant line under the Action column in the list.

On the page that opens, the suppliers and evaluator users to be added to the form are determined. Suppliers, questions and evaluators can be added to the form by clicking the Add button in the upper left part of the screen.

The three steps required to complete the process can be viewed in the window that opens.

In the first step, it is necessary to select the suppliers to be evaluated. On the page, the supplier's company title, status, TIN, ID, Country City information can be displayed. Suppliers can be filtered according to the selected status in the "Select Status" field on the top right.

At least one supplier must be entered in order to proceed. When the Next button is pressed, the next step, Question Selection, is reached.

On this page, it is determined on what basis the supplier to be evaluated will be evaluated by the evaluator:

• Entire Form: It should be chosen in order for the evaluator to evaluate the supplier with all the criteria and all questions contained in the evaluation form.

• Selected KPIs: The criteria in the forms are listed. In this field, the criteria that the evaluator wants to evaluate can be selected. At least one KPI must be selected.

• Selected Questions: The questions in the evaluation forms are listed. In this area, the questions that the evaluator wants to be evaluated can be selected. At least one question must be selected.

After making the necessary adjustments, clicking the Next button at the bottom right of the page can proceed to the next stage, the Select Evaluator page. When the Previous button is clicked, it returns to the Supplier Selection page.

All users defined under the company can be viewed on the relevant page. Users can be filtered by organizational unit from the Select organization unit field at the top of the screen.

The evaluator's e-mail can be added to the "E-mail Address" field at the bottom of the page in order to direct the form to any recipient authority that is not defined in the Promena system. Any user name or password information that should be used to log in to the system will not be requested for the relevant authorities.

Click the End button closes the page.