Defining Supplier on Excel

If you have the authority for supplier company definition in the Promena e-Sourcing System, you may either define the supplier companies one by one on the system, or define more than one supplier company by importing from the Excel file.

From the main menu of the system, click Supplier List under Suppliers. Click the Import from Excel button on the page to be opened.

By clicking on Download Template button on the right part of the page, you can download the Supplier Definition Excel format to your computer.

Once the required fields in Excel format are filled accurately, you can drag and drop your file to the grey field in the center of screen, or select the file from your computer by clicking on the grey field.

After uploading your file to the page, click Import button from the lower right section.

If there is no problem in your file, supplier companies on Excel will be recorded in the system. If there is a problem with your file, error messages will be seen on the page.

In order to re-access the recorded supplier company information later, click Supplier List under Suppliers from the main menu of the system.