Japanese Style

In Japanese style tenders, the tender starts with a starting amount identified by the procurement officer and this amount changes at a certain rate periodically within a limited time. The participants just need to accept all bids until the bidding level which is acceptable for them is reached and quit bidding when the price reaches the favorable level. A supplier who does not accept the bid placed by the system within a certain period of time will be out of the tender.

During the process the suppliers will only see the bid given by the system; the competition information is not open in this kind of tender.

In this type of tender, when you accept a bidding level, it means that you will be able to accept the lower level.

Depending on the structure of the tender, the bidding level may rise or fall automatically in Japanese style tenders.

To accept the bidding level, you just need to click on the Accept the Bid button and then click “OK”.

If you do not click on the Accept the Bid button at a price level, the tender will end for you at that price level.