Line Items - Adding Items from Excel

You can add item(s) / service item(s) to your Request for Quotation (RFQ) and e-Auction events from Line Items page. Firstly, please click on the Line Items page in your event menu.

Please click to Import from Excel button to upload your line items from Excel-formatted file.

Note: If you are going to make changes on the price table, please add columns firstly and then start to add your items. Adding columns to the price table is described in another support article.

You can download the Excel import format by clicking the Download Template button on the bottom right of the opened page.

Important Note:  You mustn't change the name of template that you download from the system.

After filling in the required fields correctly in Excel file, you can drag and drop the file to the gray area in the middle of the screen, or you can select the file from your computer by clicking on the gray area.

After you upload your file to the page, please click to Import button from the bottom right.

If there is no problem in your file, the line items in Excel will be inserted into your event. If there is a problem with your file, error messages will be displayed on the page.

You can change the order of added rows by drag and drop. You can also edit the added rows by clicking to edit icon in the Actions section or you can delete the added rows by clicking to delete icon.

To access other pages related to your event, please click on the corresponding link in the event menu on the left side of the screen.