PO Approval

Notification Mails of a PO Approval

When a PO is sent for an approval of a user, the system will automatically inform the user by sending a mail. The user can access to the details of the PO by simply clicking to the Details button and logging in with a username and password.

Note: PO approvals or rejections can only be done from the Task List menu. Details button will only take the user to the PO’s details.

Task List Menu

By clicking to the Task List icon located at the top right corner of the screen, a user that possesses the PO approval authority can access the POs waiting for approval.

In the page, tasks in “Pending Action” status will be listed in Pending Tasks, related to the workflow of the buyer and in Additional Tasks, if a user is chosen as an additional approver.

To approve a PO, click to the tick icon in green color and cross icon in red color to reject a PO.

Viewing Details of a PO

Click the file icon below the Action column in the Task List menu to access the details of a PO.

The PO can be approved or rejected by using the buttons located at the bottom of Summary page.

After clicking Approve, a pop-up will be displayed in the screen. Adding a description is not mandatory.

Click to Submit to send the PO. An additional approver out of the workflow can be selected through this window from the list which is not mandatory. After either adding a description to the approval or rejection process, click Submit.