PO List

PO List menu allows users to view the purchase orders that were either created from their organization units or the units connected to them.

To view the list of the POs created, click the PO List below POs menu.

In PO List menu, purchase orders that the user and the other users who shares the same organization unit has created could be displayed.

The arrow icon located where the Filter is, allows users to access particular POs.

The PO that needs to be listed can be search by entering PO number, title, product number that is in the item list of the related PO, the RFQ number that the PO was created from or REQ number of the PO and then clicking to Search button.

Below Action column, you can view the details of a PO or delete a PO when it is only in “Setup” status or cancel a PO while it is only in “Pending Approval” or “ Sent to Supplier” statuses.

Click the Details icon below Actions column in order to access the details of a PO.

Click the delete icon and confirm the warning to delete a PO in Setup status.

To cancel a PO in Pending Approval or Sent to Supplier statuses, click the cancel button and confirm the warning.

To see the next approver of a PO, click to user icon.

The PO's that are in "Sent To Supplier" status could be followed from the PO List (My POs) page. For further information click the link below.

PO List (My POs)
PO List (My POs)PO List (My POs) is the page where users can track their POs. Only the purchase orders that are sent to supplier can be listed here. The page will list each PO by its item row by row. To access the page, click the PO List