(Participant) Quick RFQ- Bidding Multiple Items with Bidding Template

As well as you can bid by typing manually, there is also another way to import the required information through an excel sheet in biddings with multiple item lines.

In order to import the bid, you need to use the buttons that will help you to download the empty template and upload the filled version of the template.

The item line will be downloaded in an excel format to your computer when you click to the “Download the Bidding Template” button.

At this stage, if you have already have a bid in the event, your current bid will be automatically shared in the Unit Price column. There are three different sheets in the template that shares the item line, the currency list and the list of the rules.

Line Items: The sheet where the item descriptions are listed. The currencies that the buyer uses would be seen and one of any would be chosen.

Currency: the currencies that the buyer works with are listed here. Choosing any currency unit for any item line is possible.

Descriptions: The sheet where the set of rules are shared in order to successfully bid.

After filling necessary fields in the Item Line sheet and saving the template, you need to click to the “Load the Bidding Template” button.

The template can be dragged or can be chosen from your computer by clicking to the cloud icon. You can complete the process by clicking to the “Load” button or cancel the process by clicking to the “Cancel” button.

The data entered into the template will be automatically placed into the related field. To save the data clicking “Save”, to send the bid to the buyer clicking “Submit” will be enough.