(Buyer) Quick RFQ - Create PO

With the Create PO feature, you can convert the Quick RFQ items  into orders over the system.

Create PO is a function of the E-Procurement module that can be customized to meet the needs of the Buyer Company.

If the event status is "Online Bidding," "Closed," "Technically Approved," or the awarding status is "Completed," you can select desired items and quantities to create a PO.

"Create PO" action is proceed through the Bid Analysis page. Let's choose the lines that to be ordered and then click the “Create PO” button to continue.‌

On the pop-up screen, you'll arrange all of the pages as desired before clicking the "End" button.

On the “Select Quantity” page; PO quantity can be different from the quantity specified in the Quick RFQ event.‌

On the “PO Details” page; Fill the related fields for PO.‌

On the “Delivery & Invoice Details” page; Fill the related fields for PO.‌

After clicking End button, you will see PO IDs on the pop up page.

You can click on the PO number to be directed to the related PO summary page. If nothing has to be changed, simply review the PO details and click the Submit button to complete the process of creating a PO. You can check the status of a PO by visiting to the left side menu and selecting PO List.‌

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