(Participant) Quick RFQ - Documents

Documents tab is located in the Summary page in a Quick RFQ event. To access to the Summary page, the “Details” icon must be clicked in the Quick RFQ List menu.

The “Summary” page is comprised of General Information, Documents and Line Items.

In the “Documents” field, you can upload the documents required and download the ones that are uploaded by the buyer company for the particular bidding you are participating.

To download a document; You need to click the “Download” button located below the Action column or click to the document’s title.

To upload a document; You can click to the “Add” button and choose the document among the others in your computer.

In order to upload a new document, you need to click to the “Add” button and follow the same steps.

The documents that has to be uploaded needs to be in supported formats and 100 MB at maximum. If an unsupported file format is tried to be uploaded, a warning will be displayed at the right top corner of the screen.

To delete the documents that were uploaded, the “Delete” icon below the action column must be clicked.

The number of documents that was uploaded could be seen from the right top corner of the Documents section. The total number of the buyer’s documents will not be listed here.

Name; where the name given to the relevant document is being displayed. Since it is a link, you can download the relevant document when you click the name.

Company Type; where defines if the document was uploaded by the buyer or by the participant.

Uploaded by; where the official who has uploaded the document is being displayed.

Upload Date; where the exact date and time information of the uploaded document is being displayed.