(Participant)‌‌ Quick RFQ List

In order to view and access the Quick RFQ events, you need to click “Quick RFQ List” menu that is located at the left-hand side as a sub-menu of “e-Sourcing” after you login with your existing username and password.

In the Quick RFQ List menu, you will find all the events sorted by their statuses and action situations. You will find the events that are awaiting for an action with statuses of “Online Bidding” and “In Negotiation”.

In order to find the events in statuses of “Closed”, “Completed” or the events that you have bid in the past, the filter feature has to be used.

By selecting the arrow icon on the right-hand side of the row titled "Filter" and entering or selecting the required settings, statuses, and other criteria, you can view the events which match certain criteria. You can clear the filters by clicking the "Clear" icon. The default settings will be restored after clearing the filters.

For example, If the "Pending Transaction" option is selected in the Transaction Status field, only the processes for which the bidding process has not been completed are listed.

In this case, to view the events in “closed” status,  Transaction  status is selected as "All" and the “closed” status is added to the status field, then the search button is clicked.

To hide the filter menu, the arrow button must be clicked again.

By clicking to the “Details” icon that is located below the “Action” column, you can access and view the details of the related event.

Below “ID” column; Unique ID numbers automatically generated by the system would be seen.

The “Title” column represents the title chosen by the user of the buyer company for the bidding.

“Status” columns displays the state of the event and it changes as the status information is updated.

“Company” column will be displaying the buyer company’s name accordingly for each and every single row.

“RFQ Responsible” column displays the official who is responsible of the bidding.

“Participant Official” column lists the official from the participant that was initially invited to the bidding.

The time range for the bidding would be seen from the “Start Date and End Date” column. The changes made upon the time will be updated accordingly in the columns.

The “Show/Hide” option helps you to choose the data that is desired to be listed. The settings will be returning to its original state after the page is refreshed or the user is logging in once more.

Export icon is used to export all the data listed in excel format.

Print icon is used to print the same data from the page.