(Buyer) Quick RFQ - Logs

The transactions regarding the related Quick RFQ process are recorded on the system at the logs page. Records of both suppliers and buyer company users are recorded. To access the Logs page, click the Logs button on the top right of the Quick RFQ Summary Page.‌

The details of the transactions are displayed in the new tab, with the most recent transaction sorted first.‌

· Log type:Displays transactions by grouping them into different categories.

· Action:Displays the details of the Buyer and Supplier users' transactions.

· Company Type: You can see if the user is a buyer or a supplier under this title.

· Company Name: Shows the company name as it is registered by Promena.

· User: Details are provided for the user who made the transaction with the relevant company. User name, IP and browser details are also shown for Supplier users.

· Transaction Date: Displays the transaction's record as a date, time, and seconds.

There is a Filter Area at the top of the page, as well as additional shortcut icons in the upper right corner.

When you open the Filter Area, you can search by Log Type and Company Name.

Please choose a log type from the drop-down menu to begin your search. You can also add the name of your company in the box so that you can search together.

· Show / Hide: is used to hide the columns temporarily.

For example, if you don’t want to show the “User” column in the list, you can hide this column temporarily. When the page is updated, the list will go back to its original structure.

· Export: is used to export the list to Excel.

Click to the related button to download the file.

· Print: is used to print the viewed page.

When you can click to the related button, preview page is displayed in a new tab.

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