(Buyer) Quick RFQ - Negotiation Phase

When the status is "Closed”, "Start Negotiation" action button appears in the “Summary” field.‌

Only Participants have the “Replied” status under the Online Bidding columns can be invited to the Negotiation Phase. If the participants who have not responded to the event cannot be selected. Please click the Start Negotiation button after selecting all desired participants.‌

When the “Revised Bid Request” page displays you should set end date to            define the duration of the “Negotiation Phase” and the Description field is not required. If you fill the field the written notes will be sent to the participants as an email.‌

Click the Cancel button if you do not want to proceed with this action. To start the Negotiation phase, click the Submit button.‌

The status of the event is revised as “In Negotiation” and for the first Negotiation phase, round 1 label is shown by the status information.‌

You can include additional participant to the ongoing Negotiation phase of the event by selecting them from the Summary field and clicking on the “Request Revision” button.‌

The "Bid Change" icon appears on the Summary when the status is "In Negotiation." To reach the "Bid Change" screen, first select a participant and then click the icon. Line Items and Grand Total bid changes are displayed on this page. In addition, each field has an information icon for a more detailed explanation.‌

When the negotiation phase status becomes close, an event report can be received and there are no limits for the number of statuses of the negotiation phases.

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