(Buyer) Quick RFQ - Quick RFQ List

In list pages, the default display is always pending actions, therefore The statuses of Setup, Online Bidding, and In Negotiation are selected by default at the filter in the Quick RFQ list.‌

If you need to list other states than the default, change the filter parameters in the filter field and click the search button.‌

Action column contains specific actions based on the event's status‌

Details icon will take you to the steps page, where you can continue the setup process from the last step that was completed.

Copy icon is used to duplicate an event in its present state. When you click the Copy icon you will activate the selections you want to copy to the new event on the pop up screen.

Participant Preview icon enables the quick access to the Participant Preview screen.

You can use the Submit shortcut to submit events that are ready to be published. If you click the submit icon for an event that has missing information, you'll see an error warning.

Delete icon is used for removing the events are no longer required for the setup.

You can delete the events only if they have the setup status.

Summary icon enables the quick access to the Summary page.

Bid Analysis icon enables the quick access to the Bid Analysis screen.

Cancel icon is used to cancel the published events. When you click the Cancel button, a "Warning" screen with a Description field appears. This required field should be written to sent to all participants then click submit button to complete the action. Events that have been canceled cannot be rescheduled.

ID column contains unique event IDs that are automatically assigned.

Title column is the field containing the event title which is determined by the Buyer user.

The event's status is displayed in the Status column, which changes when the status information is updated.

Participation  / Invitation column shows the number of invited and bidding participants.

Company and authorized person columns includes the details of the authorized person that has created the event.

Start date and end date columns shows the dates of the event. It reflects the changes to the list according to the status of the event.

Created date column shows the date when the ID Number of the related event is created.

Show/hide icon on the upper right area enables to hide columns and add new ones. When the page is updated, column information will be restored to its original structure.

Export icon is used to export the list to Excel.

Print icon is used to print the viewed page.

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