(Buyer) Quick RFQ - RFQ Management

RFQ Management is the page where you track the orders created from a Quick RFQ. All created RFQ line items are listed and it is possible to track which line items are ordered.‌

Details icon in the actions column enables to access the details page of the related line item's RFQ. Bid Analysis icon also enables to access the Bid Analysis page of the related line item's RFQ.

You can track the RFQ items in the associated list by the Row No, Line Item No, Item Description, and Quantity fields.

PO Quantity column can be used to keep track number of completed orders.

On the RFQ Management page, related lines that have not been ordered yet — in other words, “Pending Action” status — are listed by default.‌

“Pending Action” status includes the line items that have a higher RFQ amount than the order amount. For example, if the RFQ amount is 5 and the order amount is more than 5, in this case the related line item becomes to have the status of “Processed” and the related line items can be accessed by changing the “Transction Status” field under the filter field.

You can filter from the filter field according to RFQ NO, Authorized Person, RFQ Title, Transaction Status, and RFQ End Date.‌

If a Quick her than the order amount RFQ has the status of Completed, it is not viewed on the Waiting for Action list even if the RFQ amount is higand it is viewed by using the “Processed” filter.

The PO quantity field is clicked to display which order the RFQ items that have been ordered belong to. On the page that opens, the supplier information, PO quantity, and unit price information can be displayed.‌

To access the PO Details, click on the “PO Number – Row Number” field and go to the related PO Summary page.

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