(Buyer) Quick RFQ - Technical Approval

The Technical Approval feature is designed according to the demands of the Buyer Company. It can be used in cases where approval from the relevant units is required for the relevant product or products. “Send to Technical Approval” action only can be taken for events with Closed status or Canceled awarding status.‌

For the Line Items that will be sent to the Technical Approval, make the necessary selections from Details or Comparison fields and click the “Send to Technical Approval” button.‌

Make the required adjustments on the pop-up page before clicking the submit button. Click the Cancel button if you do not want to proceed with this action.

Listing Option is a required field which is used to determine if the approving person will be able to view the Bid details.

Approval Type is a required field.  Also ,there are two types of flow in this section: the first is "Identified flow," which is determined by the buyer's demands. The second option is "Manuel Selection," which is applied when there is no predetermined flow or when you need to choose someone who is not in the flow. You must also choose the person who will approve while making a manual selection.

The approving person would see the description, however it is not mandatory.‌

When you click the “Submit” button the status of the event is revised as “At Technical Approval”. In this phase, no orders can be given or the event cannot be awarded.‌

The icon that under “Title” field of the Quick RFQ list can be used to track Next Approver.

The status of the event is automatically changed to "Technically Approved" when the next approver completed the approval task via the "Pending Tasks" page.‌

To view the events with the status of “At Technical Approval” or “Technically Approved” in the list, they should be chosen from the related filter field.

Awarding and Create PO actions can only be taken for the approved line items for Technically Approved events.‌