(Participant) Quick RFQ - Line Items and Bidding

Line Items are located in the “Summary” page of a Quick RFQ event. To access to the “Summary” page, you need to click to the file icon below the action column in the “Quick RFQ List”.

The “Summary” page is comprised of General Information, Documents and Line Items.

The items that needs to be bid would be seen below the “Line Items” title. Any other required information aside the price related to the items would be also seen from the same area.

Decimals up to six digit are allowed in the rows of the Unit Price column. The desired currency would be also chosen with ease from the currency list.

The columns where any other detail except the unit price and currency are required areas. The other required areas are determined and added by the buyer company’s officials before the event. They are expected to be filled by the participants. These areas might be mandatory depending on the buyers decision. If mandotary areas are not filled, a warning would be seen at the top right corner of the screen when it is tried to be bid.

For the items that you do not want to bid, you can select the item boxes located at the left corner of each row and click the “No Bid” button that is located at the bottom of the item line.

When you want to save the information that you have entered without sending them directly to the buyer, you can click the “Save” button. The information will be saved even if you log out from the system.

To complete the bidding process after filling the necessary field where either a price, a currency or any other type of information that is required, please click to the “Submit” button so that buyer can view your bid.