Registering a Supplier - Manually

In order to register your suppliers if you already have the required information, click the Create Supplier menu below Information Management in Supplier Management.

Or, to register a supplier through the supplier list, click the Supplier List menu.

And then click the Create Supplier button.

In the page where a supplier registration is created, there are several different sections. The rows with red asterisks are mandatory to fill.

Company Details

· Company Name: The area where supplier’s company name is entered. (Mandatory to fill).

· Short Name: The area where supplier’s company short name is entered. (Mandatory to fill).

· Company E-mail: The area where the supplier’s company e-mail address is added. (Mandatory to fill).

· Company Phone Number: The area where the company’s phone number is added. (Mandatory to fill).

· Website: The area where website can be added. (Not mandatory to fill).

Address Details

· Country: The dropdown list where a country is selected. (Mandatory to select).

· State: The dropdown list where a state can be selected if the chosen country possesses one. (Mandatory to select).

· City: The dropdown list where a city is selected. (Mandatory to select).

· Postal Code: The area where postal code can be added (Not mandatory to fill).

· Address: The area where full address can be added. (Mandatory to fill).


· Company Type: The dropdown list section where it only appears when Turkey is selected as the country. If Turkey is not selected in the country section, this option will not be visible.

· Tax No: The area where the tax number of the supplier is added. (Mandatory to fill).

· Trade Register Number: The area where the trade register number can be added. (Not mandatory to fill).

· Establishment Date: The area where the establishment date can be added. (Not mandatory to fill).

· DUNS Number: The area where the DUNS number can be added. (Not mandatory to fill).

Additional Information

· Payment Term: The dropdown list where a payment term for the supplier can be chosen. If used, the E-Procurement module will be referring this information to fill the payment term area automatically. (Not mandatory to choose).

· Brand List: The dropdown list where brands added for the buyer is being listed. (Not mandatory to choose).

· ERP Code: If integration services are used, this area can be filled with a related ERP code.

After filling required areas, click the Save button located at the bottom-right corner of the screen to complete the initial registration phase. After clicking Save button, the system automatically direct you to the General Information page in the supplier registration details.

You need to register a user for the supplier to allow them log in to the Promena system and participate purchasing/sales events, follow purchase orders or go through your detailed registration phases. If no user is registered, the supplier cannot take any necessary action.

To create a user, click the Users tab located on the left-hand side of the screen.

Note: The orange colored tabs means that no information has been added to related areas yet. Suppliers without users to login can be differentiated by this way.

Click the Create User button to create a completely new user that is not existing in the system.

In the pop-up, fill the areas with red asterisks which are mandatory to fill. To complete the process, click the Save button.

After clicking the Save button, the supplier with given e-mail address will be receiving a mail to set a password.

If needed, the supplier’s phone numbers or the name and surname information can be updated by clicking the file icon below Action column.

The event or purchase order responsible users can be updated from the same tab by clicking the pen icon below Action column.

PO Responsible: If active, the purchase orders created in Promena system will be automatically assigned the chosen user. Only one user can be selected at a time.

Event Responsible: If active, only the selected user will be able to participate, receive e-mails and view details of purchasing/sales events. Only one user can be event responsible at a time.

Status: If active, the user can log in as a supplier user for the registered company. If the switch is turned on and saved, the user will be disappearing from the list and will not be able to log in as a responsible person of the registered supplier.

To save any of these changes after clicking the pen icon, click the green tick button and to cancel the changes, click the red cross button.

There might be suppliers already registered in Promena but working with some other buyer companies beside yours. After registering a supplier in this case, click the Associate User button in Users tab.

In the pop-up, choose a user by clicking the box located at the left-hand side and click Save button to add the user as an official for the supplier.

To filter or invite your suppliers by your company’s purchasing categories, you need to add a category. To do that, click the Categories tab located on the left-hand side in supplier details page.

The categories added to supplier registration can be listed in this page. To add a new category, click the Select Category button.

Choose one or more categories to add and click Ok button to save.