REQ List

To view the list of the REQs created, click the REQ List below REQs menu.

In REQ List menu, requisitions that the user and the other users who shares the same organization unit has created could be displayed.

Click the arrow icon located at the right-hand side of the screen where the Filter row is, to only view necessary REQs by using REQ number, Product No or REQ Date. After entering necessary parameters, click the Search button.

Viewing details, copying and deleting a REQ can be done by the icons below the Actions column.

Click the Details icon below Actions column in order to access the details of a REQ.

To see who is the next approver of a REQ, click the person icon located below Title column.

Click the Copy icon in order to copy an existing REQ to create an another one with the same details. To complete copying, click the Yes button. After confirming, the details of the new REQ will be automatically opened in a new page.

Click the delete icon and confirm the warning to delete a REQ in Setup status.

To cancel a REQ in Pending Approval or Sent to Procurement statuses, click the cancel button and confirm the warning.

The statuses of REQs that are used to create a PO or a Quick RFQ event can be changed as Completed by the users in procurement department.

To complete a REQ, click the Complete button located at the bottom-right corner in Summary menu.