Supplier Registration Steps

The Supplier that is Already Registered in the System

The “Register” button must be clicked from the mail that has been sent by the buyer.

You need to login with your existing username and password in the login page after you click to the “Register” button.

After filling the required areas marked with red asterisk in the “Company Details” section, to complete the company registration you need to click the “Save” that is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can view the company details that you have registered in the next page.

The Supplier that will Register to the Promena for the First Time

The suppliers who will be registering to Promena for a Buyer company for the first time can simply click to the “Register” button in the mail that they will receive from the buyer.

In order to create a new user for yourself to login to the system, please click to the “Create New User” button located at the left bottom corner of the screen.

After reading the information page shared by the buyer, please click the “Next” button to proceed to the page where you will create your user.

The rows where red asterisk is shown must be filled. After filling necessary areas you need to click “Save” button.

Activation mail will be sent within the next two to three minutes to the username after the required areas are completed.

You need to click the “Activate my account” button to activate your account and log in with the created username and password.

You will be directed to the page where you will create your company information after logging in with username and password.

The areas marked with red asterisk must be filled and after mandatory areas are filled, you need to click “Save”button.

You can view the company details that was created after clicking “Save” button.