Time Settings and Automatic Extension

In Promena e-Sourcing System, you can view details of Request for Quotation (RFQ) and e-Tender events for which you were invited as a supplier, and place your bids within the specified times.

You can display the detailed information about event on the event Summary page.

Time settings are as follows for the events:

  • Pre-Offer Process: This feature is found only in e-Tender events. It is used to receive pre-offers prior to the e-Tender. If this feature is enabled, there will be two options.

o    Pre-Offer Start / End Date: Start and end dates of pre-offer process are displayed.

o    Pre-Offer Participation Necessity: If it is enabled, you cannot join the e-Tender events if you don’t participate in the pre-offer process.

  • Start/End Date: Start and end dates of the events are displayed.
  • Automatic Extension: If it is enabled, automatic extension will be applied in the event. Automatic extension is specified in minutes. For instance, if 5 minutes is specified, then the event is automatically extended for 5 minutes if a bid is received 5 minutes before the end time.

Important Note: The company that manages the process can update the time settings throughout the event. After the closure of the event, it can be re-started pursuant to the decisions of the company managing the process. When time settings of the event are changed, an information message will be sent to your e-mail address defined in the system.