Event General Information

Once you have created an Request for Proposal (RFQ) or e-Auction event on the Promena e-Sourcing System, you need to set up your event's general information and event settings.

General Information: Contains general information about your event. It is located in the General Info page in the event menu.

  1. Event Title: Specify the title of your event.
  2. General Description: Please write general explanations about your event. These explanations will be seen by the suppliers.
  3. Event Mode: Select your event type as Live or Demo.
  4. Company Title: This field will automatically be your company title. If you are assigned to more than one company in the system, please select the company for your event.
  5. Event User: Your user will automatically be assigned to this field. If you are opening this event on behalf of another user, please select the relevant user. If you want to include other users in your event, please add the other users from the Team tab at the top right.
  6. Currency: Select the currency for your event. If you want to include other currencies in your event, add the currencies from the Currency tab at the top right. The supplier companies can also bid with the currencies you add.
  7. Categories: Select your purchase category for your process. In order to make a choice, your company needs to have a category structure on the system.
  8. Cost Center: Select the department or cost center to which your process will be included. In order to make a choice, your company must have department or cost centers defined on the system.

Important Note: Please remember to click the Save button at the bottom right of the page after you have filled out General Info and set the Event Settings.

To access other pages related to your event, please click on the corresponding link in the event menu on the left side of the screen.