Inviting Suppliers to the Events

You can invite suppliers to your Request for Quotation (RFQ) and e-Auction events as follows.

Firstly, please click to Supplier List page in your event menu. You can see selected suppliers to be invited, on this page. Please click Add button to invite suppliers to your event.

In the opened page, you can search the suppliers that you have rights to see in detail. You can search suppliers by Free Text search, Category selection or City / Country selection.

Note: You can find phone number and e-mail info on the right side of the supplier information. You will also see the supplier's user in the drop-down box. The user who is selected in this section will be able to enter bid to your event. If necessary, you can select other users from this section and add them to your event.

For the suppliers you want to add to the event, please check the boxes on the left and click on the Add to Event button. Selected suppliers will be added to the your supplier list. When you go back to the Supplier List, you can list the selected suppliers. You can change the supplier's user person by clicking on the Edit icon in this list, or you can delete the supplier from the list by clicking on the Delete icon for the related supplier.

To access other pages related to your event, please click on the corresponding link in the event menu on the left side of the screen.