Price Update on Product Details

In order to access the product details you want to process, you can access the Product List menu from the Product Management menu on the left side of the screen.

You can access the product details by searching for the information of the product you want to update the price of with the Filter option on the screen that opens and clicking the file icon in the Action column.

The current and historical price information defined for the product is listed in the Product Prices menu on the product detail page. Click on the pencil icon for the current prices on which you want to change prices.

In the pop-up that opens, the date on which the price should expire must be selected over the Expiry Date field and the OK button must be clicked. Product prices can be finalized on the day of the earliest transaction. A termination cannot be made for past dates. For example; To add a new price by ending the date of a price on 02.03.2023, the Expiry Date is entered as 02.03.2023, so that the new price can be defined as effective from 03.03.2023.

In order to add the new price, click the Add button and enter the first and last date range, a supplier registered in your supplier list, the minimum order quantity, unit price information and currency information, and click the OK button.

More than one price information for a supplier cannot be defined on the same day, so new prices should be assigned one day after the finalized prices. For example, a price that will be effective as of 02.01.2021 can be determined for a product whose price expires on 01.01.2021.

Update Product with Excel

In order to access the product price list, first of all, you must enter the Product Price List menu in the Product Management on the left side of the screen.

On the page Filter feature should be used to reach the product group. It can be filtered by the product group, product number, catalog and same details whose prices are desired to be finalized.

The products whose prices need to be ended can be selected by ticking the box at the beginning of each product line. Expiration Date can be arranged with Update Product Price button.

Note: Valid product prices can be ended on the day of the transaction, so that new prices can be defined in the system, starting from the next day at the earliest.

After choosing expiration date can be downloaded excel via the Download Template under the Export button.

In the downloaded template;

· Product ID: It is the ID number assigned by the system and is different from the product number.

· Supplier Id: This is the field where product supplier information is entered.

· Minimum Order: Minimum number of pieces that can be ordered from the relevant product.

· Price Effective Date: This is the field where the first date on which the new price to be added will be valid is arranged. (Due to situations that may arise from Excel settings, the cell types of the rows where the date ranges are entered should be "Text".)

· Price Expiration: This is the field where the last date information for which the relevant price will expire is entered. (Due to situations that may arise from Excel settings, the cell types of the rows where the date ranges are entered should be "Text".)

· Unit Price: This is the field where product prices are entered. Dot (.) for cent information and comma (,) for thousands information should be entered.

Note: In Promena, dot (.) is used for decimal separators and comma (,) is used for thousand separators. At this point, as an example, entries should be made for One Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Turkish Liras (1,250.50) and (250) for Fifty Kurus.

· Currency: This is the field where the currency information is written.

In order to be able to update collectively, the product ID numbers defined in the system for the products whose prices have been terminated can be obtained with the Export option from the Product List menu.

Product IDs should be processed into the template and supplier IDs and currency codes should be obtained from the pages in the template.

In order to transfer the prices to the system, you can transfer the completed template to the system via the Import button under the Export button in the Product Price List menu.