Create an RFI – Documents (Step 4)

An RFI event is created through four initial steps.  Documents is the last step of the process.

To proceed the Document step, you must complete the Participant List part initially.

Document phase is where the documents are added to the RFI event. If required, these documents may only be seen internally.

To add a document, click the cloud icon in Documents page or drag a local file from your computer.

Documents up to 100MB can be uploaded. The documents has to be in supported formats. If unsupported file or a file that is more than 100MB tried to be uploaded, a warning pop-up will appear.

After uploading a document, the Participant Access switch will be turned off by default. To allow participants to view a document, turn on the Participant Access switch on necessary rows. To keep a document only visible to your company’s user, turn off the Participant Access switch.

To remove a document, click the trash can icon and to download a document, click the download icon located below Action column.

To move back and forth between the setup stages, click the necessary step’s icon.

To complete the process, click End button located at the bottom-right corner on the screen.

Please refer the link below for further information about the Summary page.

RFI – Summary
SummaryThe summary page is where the general frame is being displayed to both participant and buyer users. To access this page, click the magnifier icon located below Action column in RFI List menu. In Summary page, you can check an RFI event in detail. To turn back to any