Create an RFI – General Information (Step 1)

An RFI event is created through four initial steps.  General Information part is the first step of the process.

To create an RFI, click the Create RFI button located below RFI in e-Sourcing title.

In the page, rows that are mandatory to fill are indicated with a red asterisk. If mandatory rows left empty, you cannot proceed to the next step.

· Title: Used to determine the title that will be used in the event.

· Company: Used to choose the company that the RFI event will be created for. If exists, any other company can be selected.

· Authorized Person: Used to choose the user who will be conducting the RFI event and manage its details. The user who is opening the page will be automatically displayed there. If necessary, another user can be assigned here.

· Organization Unit: Displays the organizational unit that the user is located.

· Internal Notes: Used to take notes that can be only internally viewed by the other users of your organization who has enough level of access to the event.

· Note to Participant: Used to take notes that will be viewed by the participants.

· Start Date: Used to determine the starting date of the event.

· End Date: Used to determine the end date of the event.

After filling mandatory and necessary rows, click the Next button located at the bottom-right corner of the screen to complete the first step. Clicking Next button will take you to the Forms step.

Please refer the link below for further information about Forms phase.

Create an RFI – Forms (Step 2)
Create an RFI – Forms (Step 2)An RFI event is created through four initial steps. Forms part is the second step of the process. To proceed the Forms step, you must complete the General Information part initially. In this page, only the forms in Enabled status can be added to