Creating a Quick RFQ by Using REQ

To create a Quick RFQ by using REQ, click the REQ Management menu that is located below REQs title on the left-hand side of the screen.

In REQ Management menu, the REQs that are in Sent to Procurement status will be listed. By default, the page will only display the REQs that were not used in any PO or Quick RFQ.

The REQs that were used to create a Quick RFQ or PO will be counted as Processed. Cancelled REQs will be listed as Canceled status.

REQs can be filtered through their ID number, status, purchasing categories or the date REQs were created. Filtre function can be accessed by clicking the arrow icon located at the right-hand side where the row is. After filling necessary areas, clicking Search button will bring the results accordingly.

To create a Quick RFQ by using REQ, click the box in related row of a REQ item and click Quick RFQ.

Click the Yes button in the confirmation pop-up to create the RFQ in Setup status.

The details of the Quick RFQ can be accessed through the next message in the pop-up or from the Quick RFQ List menu. Click the number shown in the message to directly access the event.

To get a detailed information about how to create a Quick RFQ, click the link below.

(Buyer) Create Quick RFQ – General Information ( Step 1)
(Buyer) Create Quick RFQ – General Information ( Step 1)When you click to the Create Quick RFQ menu which is located under the Quick RFQ main menu, you will be welcomed by the setup page that is comprised of 4 different steps which are represented on the following page. All necessary