Requirement to Exceed the Best Bid

In Promena e-Sourcing System, you can view details of Request for Quotation (RFQ) and e-Tender events for which you were invited as a supplier, and place your bids within the specified times.

While placing bids for the events, there might be rules specified by the company that started the process. Requirement to Exceed the Best Bid is among these rules. If this feature is on, while placing a new bid or renewing your bid, you must place a bid better than the available best bid.
Note: This feature can be used when the Best Bid competition information is on.
If you do not place your bid according to this rule, system will give an error and warning message. You have to correct your bid in accordance with the warning message, and click on the Submit button again.

Important Note: If all your bids are not entered correctly, then your bids will not be placed in the system.

You can place your bids and renew them more than once until the system time is 0. If automatic extension is on in the event, the event will be automatically extended when a bid is received during the last minutes. No bids will be accepted once the status of event is Closed.