RFI Form List

RFI Form List is the page where necessary forms created for an RFI event. In this page, you can list, add and make changes on RFI Forms.

To access the page, click the RFI Form List menu that is located in e-Sourcing below RFI title.

In this page, you will find all RFI forms listed.

The icons located at the top-right corner on the screen are;

· Search Box: Allows users to search through the list using keywords.

· Show / Hide: Used for preventing certain columns you want to choose from appearing on screen temporarily. If the page refreshed, the default columns will automatically appear.

· Export: Used for downloading the viewed RFI List in an excel sheet.

· Print: Used to print the page in the way it is appearing.

Below Action column, icons will appear according to the statuses of the forms.

Preview: Used for displaying the forms in the same way that the suppliers will view. Details of an RFI Form with its questions will be appearing in a new page.

Details: Used for viewing details of an RFI Form such as its title and descriptions. If the form is in Setup status, the title and the description can be updated.

Questions: Used to list the questions in an RFI Form. If a Form is in Setup status, making changes, updating the row order and deleting questions is possible. For forms in Enabled status, no change can be made.

Enable: Used to enable forms in “Disabled” and “Setup” statuses.

Delete: Used to delete an RFI form that is in Setup status. Forms in other statuses cannot be deleted but disabled.

Note: If a form is not necessary to be used, you can disable them so that when creating an RFI event, they will not be visible for users choice.

Disable : Appears only in forms that are in Enabled status. Used to disable forms that are no longer wanted to be used and prevent forms from appearing while creating an RFI event among form options.

Click the Add button to add a new form in RFI List.

In pop-up, Title and Description of the form can be added.

After clicking Save button, the new form will be listed in the page. The forms in Setup status can be changed, updated and new questions can be added. By clicking the Questions icon you can change, add and delete questions.

In the Questions page, click the Add button to add a new question.

· Question: Used to add a questions text.

· Question Type: Used to choose the questions type. The question types you can benefit from are;

1. Multi Select

2. Single-select Dropdown

3. File

4. Date

5. Text

6. Numerical

7. Text Area

8. Label

· Label: A title opiton used for grouping questions. As an example, General or Others.

· Points: Used to give a total point to the questions itself if either one of the “Multi Select” or “Single-select dropdown” questions types are selected.

· Ranking: The order that the quesitons or labels will appear to the users. Numbers are used to represent the order starting from 0.

· Description:Used to add any other additional information that needed to be explained in detail related to a question.

· Exempted?: If selected, suppliers will be exempted from that particular question.

· Mandatory?: Used to create a mandatory question.

Is it related?: Used to connect questions with one another when a particular answer is given.

Click the Save button to save after filling all necessary information to create a question.

To change the way questions are listed, drag a question to its required position and click Save Order button.

The answers for Multi Select typed questions has to be created. To add an answer to a question, click the wheel icon located at the right-corner of each row typed Multi Select.

Click the Add button in the page. After adding an answer option, deciding how much weight the answer will have out of the question total of point and its ranking that will order the way answer will appear to the users, click Save button.

Click the Back to Question List menu to view the other questions.

To delete a question or form, click the trash can icon.

After adding necessary questions, adjusting the way questions will appear and completing the form. Click the Enable button in RFI Form List menu.

No change can be made after enabling a form. The forms that are not going to be used has to be disabled.

Please refer the link below for further information about creating an RFI event.

Create an RFI – General Information (Step 1)
Create an RFI – General Information (Step 1)An RFI event is created through four initial steps. General Information part is the first step of the process. To create an RFI, click the Create RFI button located below RFI in e-Sourcing title. In the page, rows that are mandatory to fill