RFI List (Buyer)

In RFI List, you can list all events that you and your department’s other users created. To access this page, click the RFI List menu located below RFI in e-Sourcing title.

In RFI List page, the RFI events are listed.

Click the arrow icon located at the right-corner where Filter row is to access the filter feature.

You can search RFI events according to their ID numbers, titles, statuses, etc.

By using the icons below Action column, you can;

· Details:Used to access the initial setup steps of an event.

· Summary:Used to open the Summary page.

· Publish:Used to publish RFI events in Setup status. Only appears when an event is in Setup status.

· Tracking: Used to display answer related details of an event that is published or closed.

· Cancel: Used to cancel the events that were either published or closed.

Delete: Used to delete events only in Setup status.