Event Status

You may view details and enter your offers in given time period to RFQ’s and E-auctions which you have been invited to as a supplier on Promena System.

You may view event status information on your Home Page, Event List page or Details of any given event.

Here is the list and the brief descriptions of event status information.

Published: In this status, event is published and you may access projects details but you can’t enter any bid because bidding process is not started yet.

Pre-Bid: This status exist only in E-auctions. You may enter your pre-decided bid and you may upload your necessary files.

Note: There is no competitive information on this status

Online Bidding: In this status project is open for bidding. If buyer company  shares competitive information you may view it on the Line Items and if it is necessary, you may upload files to Documents section.

Closed: In this status, bidding is finished. You may view competitive information if buyer company shares it, and still you may upload files to Documents but you can’t enter a new bid anymore.